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Founder Michael A. Scott - the movie has got to be good to get past him!

Founder Michael A. Scott – the movie has got to be good to get past him!

After years of watching movies and wanting to write about movies, I have finally compiled all the reviews into one package. Not every movie is a blockbuster, and not every movie is enjoyable, but I will always give you my honest take on what is currently in the theater or out on DVD, and try to cover a few classics, too. Most of the reviews here have been written by me, yet I want to include more voices of more film lovers here, so please Sign Up! and Start Writing! I’d love to hear from you.

What is Film Fest Salon?

Film Fest Salon is a new film site that includes current film reviews, information on film festivals scheduling and a profile section for those working in the film industry.


Where is the Festival Calendar?

Film Fest Salon will be putting together a calendar of the film festivals happening in the United States and the world. In this section we also aim to include information on how to enter each festival, as well as deals on travel, accommodations and events.


Who are the Filmmakers?

Film Fest Salon is in development, and is seeking to create a profile section for filmmakers working in all areas of film making: production, acting, writing, distribution… everything. We hope to facilitate communication within the filmmaking community so that creative teams can come together to make great movies.

What does is cost?

We are currently in start-up mode, and just want you to stop by for a visit! Once up-and-running, Film Fest Salon will have more reviews by more critics, offer discounts to film festival attendees, and improve the ability for  filmmakers in our Profile section to network online. We are currently seeking and accepting funding for those who believe our idea can help raise the level of filmed entertainment. Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss terms.


Where are your movies and clips?

Since we are just starting, we do not yet have a full roster of filmmakers or crew, nor do we have many clips of films we are reviewing. Still, there is a lot happening. We are lining up funding, we are searching for new talent, we are developing our website platform – all to be ready to introduce you to the hottest new talent and show you the latest films being made today.