Film: “The Salesman” and 2016 Wrap-up

One of the five Best Foreign Film Oscar nominees, “The Salesman” is the latest film from Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, who won the best foreign film oscar in 2011 for “A Separation”. After having seen both films, I find Farhadi to be an exceptionally talented artist. He appears to be serving a personal vision that…

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Be My Oswald at Queens World Film Festival

Last Chance to See Film: “Be My Oswald”

Media Contact: 718-429-2579 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dec5th, 2017- NY, NY – BE MY OSWALD -10 year anniversary screening of Don Cato’s subversive film about finding yourself through terrorism. A dark tale about a woman out to assassinate Santa, the feature film examines the friction between myth and real life and takes on some…

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