Call for Film Festival Entries

  • Earlybird Deadline: August 25, 2018
    You know what's not funny? Missing the deadline to submit your film to the NYC Short Comedy Film Festival! Earlybirds make sure to mark August 25, 2018 on your calender!  But remember!!! Films MUST be 20 minutes or less! Keep it brief, people. To submit, visit: Visit our website to check out... Read more »
  • Earlybird Deadline: August 17, 2018
    With warmer days just around the corner, you don't want time to escape you! The Earlybird Deadline for the New York Short Documentary Film Festival is August 17, 2018.  Submit your short Documentary film but remember- it MUST be 20 min or less! To submit visit: Visit our website for photos and... Read more »
  • Distribution
    Always the leader in matters of cultural diplomacy through film and television, Changchun Film Group Corporation is a founding partner of China Film Group comprising the former Changchun Film Studio responsible for the Changchun Film Festival (first held in 1992). An historic cornerstone of the Chinese film industry, Changchun Film Group... Read more »
  • Festival
    Following in an illustrious line of film festivals originating in Changchun organised by the HQ of China's historic Changchun Film Studio, which is now part of Changchun Film Group Corporation, the Changchun International Youth Film Festival began as a boutique graduate festival of celebration for emerging opportunities in the global... Read more »
  • PSIAF 2018 CAll for ENTRIES Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival & Expo
    Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival & Expo Call for Entries  Submit Your Film ( ) PSIAF 2018 Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival & Expo is a global competition in animation and exhibition of the worlds most talented artists in the world. Each year there are awards going to 37 categories... Read more »
  • Submit your Trailers to GTA 2018 Golden Trailer Awards
    Your trailers need recognition... Movie trailers play an increasingly important role in entertaining us and helping us determine where to spend our leisure time. The best trailers are works of art in their own right, expertly blending elements of cinema and advertising. Each year through an open competition judged by film industry notables,... Read more »
  • Submit to NYC Indie Film Festival and get FREE Access to Backstage casting database!
    We're partnering with Backstage to provide their talent database and casting tools to ALL filmmakers who submit to the 9th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival! Cast your next project with Backstage, for free! Learn more about our talent database and casting tools here:  Submit your project before November 30, 2017 for... Read more »
  • Partner Festivals Calling
    The Bulletin Board ANNOUNCEMENTS / CALL FOR ENTRIES recommended by BE ON IT!     Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival & Expo August 22 – 26, 2018  PSIAF 2018 Palm Springs Intl. Animation Festival & Expo is a global competition in animation and exhibition of the worlds most talented artists in the world. Each year there are... Read more »
  • 2018 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards is now open for entries.
    This year NYF has unveiled new categories and updated existing categories. With the popularity of video streaming and the increase in viewer consumption of short-form digital video, NYF renamed the existing Online group to Digital Short-Form and added 2 new categories as well: Digital Reality TV Drama and Digital Documentary.... Read more »
  • The New Media Film Festival calling for the 2018 edition
     The New Media Film Festival will run June 12 -14, 2018 September 3, 2017 Early Deadline The Landmark 10850 West Pico Blvd. LA, CA 2017 Award Winners • Photos • Videos The Best In New Media • Honoring Stories Worth Telling November 3, 2017 Regular Deadline January 3, 2018Late Deadline April 25, 2018 Final Deadline May 8, 2018 Notification Date "I thank the New Media... Read more »