“The Lure:” A quirky “fun ride” at Sundance

From Jackie Christy: It’s hard not to appreciate the zany imagination behind THE LURE, a musical tale of teenage vampire mermaids set in 1980s Poland. The story takes place mostly in a seedy nightclub and features nightclub performers, strippers and generous helpings of nudity and gore. The performances are terrific and ground even the most […]

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Little Men Movie Sundance

Sundance Gem: “Little Men”

Our Sundance rep, Jackie Christy, who is also an entrant for short films, sent us this from the festival: “One of my favorites at Sundance is Ira Sachs’ LITTLE MEN, a restrained but deeply moving film. This seemingly simple story centers around the friendship of two teenage boys and the increasingly strained relationship between their […]

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Sundance Premiere: “How to Tell You’re a Douchebag”

It’s rare that a movie makes you both laugh and cry. It’s rarer still that a scene makes you laugh and cry at exactly the same time. But this was my experience during a scene in HOW TO TELL YOU’RE A DOUCHBAG, in which the heartbroken Jake Brown played by William Jackson Harper, sobs hopelessly […]

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