My most recent post was about the Queens World Film Festival. I received a response from one of the filmmakers I interviewed for that post. My interviews, which I record, are rather casual and free-form.

Aleksandar Kostic felt that my summary did not leave the impression that he wanted to make. I’m giving him the opportunity to change that impression. Here is his response in full:


Dear Michael,

Thank you for a great review! It was great talking to you. as well.

Pardon me if I wasn’t clear, but there are few incorrect things in the text, and if you don’t mind I would like to ask you to correct it:

– Name of the film is not CAPAO it is CAPIO.

– I don’t recall saying this, as it is not something that sounds like me, and I would like to ask you to remove this sentence, if that is ok with you:
“But he is learning, he said regretfully, that there are a lot of details and complications that come with being a film artist. And these details cost money, which you will have to raise from people you know, and even strangers”.

– This Paragraph I don’t recall saying this way, or maybe I was confusing for long talk that we had:
“Capao” has an interesting genesis. He said that he was haunted by an American film he’d seen in Serbia in the 1970’s, but he didn’t remember what it was. For years it obsessed him, but one day last year, sheerly by accident, he saw it on television. It was Boris Sagal’s “The Omega Man”, starring Charlton Heston. There were scenes of movement on deserted streets, which somehow evoked his native Serbia. He hopes to complete financing and shoot the film in New York this year.

What I was trying to explain is that all the films that I made till now including CAPIO are inspired by my dreams.
And when you asked me about my film influence I explained that when I was a kid in Serbia and was watching a film with my parents, that that film hunted me and left lasting impression on me because of the atmosphere that I received from the film as kid.
I didn’t know the name of that film until I came to NY and some of my friends recall that the name of the film is The Omega Man.

I do apologize for not been clear on interview, and I do hope this request can be made. I know your review will definitely help me progress even more.

Thank you!
Aleksandar Kostic
Director & Producer, Kostic Films LLC

Current projects:

Parallel Dreams / short film / NYC premiere @ The Queens World Film Festival 2017
6:15pm / Thursday, March 16 / Museum of Moving Images – Redstone

Capio / feature neo-noir / sci-fi film / in pre-production

“An amateur astronomer discovers a strange new star in the sky that leads him into the heart of a dark conspiracy to control humanity by exploiting its addiction to technology.”

– FB page

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